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Using a Low Profile Socket Set for Fluorescent Lighting in Tight Spaces

Our extensive selection of fluorescent sockets includes a number of options to help you find the right low profile socket set for your application. A low profile light is designed for use in super tight spaces, usually on walls and ceilings. These light bases are connected to an electrical circuit through the use of sockets. For this reason, low-profile sockets are needed in these tighter spaces. You can find the sockets used on a routine basis in ceiling fan lights, flush mount lights, and canopy lights. At H.H. Fluorescent & LED Products, our service to customers since 1949 has transitioned us into a leader in the fluorescent light socket industry.

The professionals on our team are able to help you find the fluorescent bulb socket solution you need for your retrofit lighting projects.

The Right Low Profile Socket for Your Application

If you need a medium bi-pin socket with a lead to replace on your light or a low profile socket set for a flush mount bulb, we can match you up with the right option. We offer an extensive array of replacement light sockets, including ones designed for ceiling wall lights and recessed in-ceiling lights. Serving both commercial and residential customers, our inventory consists of sockets for LED and fluorescent fixtures.

The stock we carry consists of a vast array of socket options – everything from turret sockets to shunted sockets. We have the fluorescent and LED solutions you need among our quality socket products.

Our customers are able to benefit extensively from our considerable inventory and knowledge in the fluorescent lighting industry. We provide a full range of fluorescent light sockets of various types, including conversion sockets, Bi-ax, high output, shunted sockets, and circline sockets. With an extensive selection of models available, we are able to find the right socket choice to match your lighting needs.

Low Profile Socket Supplies

At H.H. Fluorescent & LED Products, we are your premier source for the low profile socket set solutions you need for your application. To discuss your requirements with a helpful representative from our team, call us today at 215.379.2750 or send us an email through our contact form.

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