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Slimline Sockets for Modern Usage

The thin slimline sockets from H.H. Fluorescent & LED Products are made to fit a number of small spaces. They are among the high-quality products we offer to our customers at good value. The thin sockets are made for today’s buildings, both residential and commercial. These special sockets are a workable alternative to the more conventional designs, which can be bulky. As small single-pin sockets they are most often used with recessed lighting underneath, inside, or over kitchen cabinets. They can also be used when adding dramatic lighting to highlight art or other objects in small spaces.

After choosing your new sockets, be sure to you match the type of light shape and wattage with the correct replacement part. Choosing the appropriate electrical parts keeps you safe from electrical fire or shocks.

Shop for all of your fluorescent light parts at our fully stocked company. Whether you’re looking for slimline sockets or a shunted lamp holder, turn to our selections at H.H. Fluorescent & LED Products. Check out our inventory where you will find what you need to upgrade any kind of light sockets and fixtures.