Fluorescent Sockets Replacement & More

Welcome to HH Fluorescent & LED Products, the only independently owned lamp-holder manufacturer in the United States. Since 1950 we have been manufacturing components for the Fluorescent Lighting Industry in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Our goal today is the same as it was more than 60 years ago: to ensure our customers get the products that need, which includes fluorescent sockets replacement.

Fluorescent Sockets Replacement

We Are

The only independently owned lamp holder manufacturer in the United States.

Good at what we do. 60+ Years in servicing the Fluorescent Industry world wide

Good Listeners. Whether it regards requests or problems to be solved.

Proud to provide personal customer service, never voice mail – always a voice.

We Are Not

The Cheapest – The Most Expensive – or The Biggest

What We Are to the Fluorescent Lighting Industry

We are a partner to countless long-time, satisfied customers throughout the Fluorescent Lighting Industry. They have learned to count on us for the products they need. It is with pride that we have been serving the worldwide industry for so many decades. From a fluorescent light starter to the fluorescent bulb socket, our comprehensive inventory is sure to have exactly what you are searching for.

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to the requests made by our customers. If there is a problem for which they need a solution, we work hard to find the answers. In addition, when you call on us you get first-class personal service—there is always a voice and never a voice mail when you contact us during business hours.

Our Goal

Continue to supply the World Wide Fluorescent Lighting Industry with a quality product at competitive cost.
To supply, not only the largest OEM Manufacturer, but any customer in need of our product.

Put our industry knowledge and experience to the test!
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