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Convenience Outlets – Fluorescent Fixture Parts

If you’re a homeowner or in construction, you know that convenience outlets require planning and attention to detail concerning placement. Of our entire selection fluorescent fixture parts, a convenience outlet requires a little more knowledge in installation than other. An outlet on a kitchen counter is considered a “convenience outlet,” or a regular, standard electrical outlet, while if it placed behind a large appliance it is not. These types of fluorescent light parts are made exponentially easier when outlets are easily accessible.

Convenience Outlet Size

Convenience outlets are installed by electrical professionals since state regulations come into play. The outlets within this section of our fluorescent light fixture parts are rated for 15 amps. They are to be used for small appliances only.

Where Outlets Should Go

Convenience outlets are exactly what their name explains: they’re to be used conveniently and in an everyday fashion. These fluorescent fixture parts are normally found on your range in the kitchen or a bathroom fixture. They are to be used with small appliances like a mixer or electric shaver.

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