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Our Selection Of High Output Fluorescent Light Sockets

In many applications in both commercial and residential buildings, the need for high output fluorescent bulbs and fixtures provides a more natural lighting color and look. In most workplaces, the choice of high output options in bulbs, fixtures, and sockets is important for correct lighting. These bulbs require high output fluorescent fixtures and sockets, which come in many different design options.

The choice of high output fluorescent fixtures is ideal when there is a need for a greater amount of light with fewer fixtures. They are also the best choice when working with higher ceilings as well as in work areas and shops, kitchen areas and above workstations in offices. Matching high output fluorescent bulbs with the correct fixtures and high output fluorescent light socket options will be essential.

Options Available

When it comes to high output fluorescent sockets, there are several different design options and possibilities. This includes the streamlined recessed power groove turret socket as well as the more traditional design of the stationary end high output slid on or snap-in model.

We also offer spring end high output fluorescent light socket options in both the slide on and snap in designs. These offer recessed, double contact design, which is similar to the stationary end designs we sell.

Each of our options in high output fluorescent fixtures is sold in cartons, with the piece count provided under the description. We can work with companies with large orders or the need for multiple fixtures and sockets for both standards as well as high output needs.