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Turret Socket Lamp Holder Options

As a premier leader in the fluorescent fixture parts industry, our team at HH Fluorescent & LED Products, Inc. is committed to providing you with the turret sockets and turret lamp holders you need for your specific applications. In addition to the exceptional quality products we offer, we also provide high-value customer service to help ensure you obtain the lighting system components you need.

Choosing the Right Turret Socket

Our line of turret sockets includes a wide range of different options including: T-5 Turret Socket and Bi-Pin Turret Socket, Recessed Double Contact High Output, 2 Light Slimline Turret Socket, 2 Light High Output, 2 Light T-5 Mini Bi-Pin, 2 Light Slimline, 2 Light Rapid Start Bi-Pin, 3 Light Slimline, 3 Light Rapid Start Bi-Pin, 3 Light High Output, 3 Light T-5 Mini Bi-Pin, 4 Light Rapid Start Bi-Pin, 4 Light Slimline, and 4 Light T-5 Mini Bi-Pin Sockets. Various sockets in our selection include stationary ends or spring ends, with or without leads.

Your Source for Turret Socket Products

When it comes to LED and fluorescent lighting parts, we are dedicated to providing you with superb options as well as dependable customer service. Our team of knowledgeable and skilled lighting experts has the product knowledge and industry experience to help you obtain the specific lighting components you need, including turret solid socket and turret lamp holders.

Order Turret Sockets

To learn how we can serve your specific lighting application with our various turret socket product options, call us today at 215.379.2750 or send us a question through our contact form.