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High Output Fluorescent Light Sockets for Residential and Commercial Buildings

In both residential and commercial building applications, there is often a requirement for high output fluorescent bulbs and fixtures to achieve the distinct natural lighting appearance and color. In numerous workplaces, getting the proper lighting in place depends on the use of high output options related to fixtures, bulbs, and sockets. These types of bulbs use output fluorescent sockets and fixtures in various design options. At HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc., we provide an extensive range of florescent lights sockets in the high output category.

When greater quantity of light is needed with a lesser number of fixtures, the optimum choice to use his high output fluorescent fixtures. These fixtures are also beneficial for spaces that include workshops, high ceilings, workstations and offices, and kitchen areas.

Design Options

A number of different design options are available when it comes to high output fluorescent sockets. You can have streamlined recessed power groove turret sockets or the stationary high-end output sockets in the snap-in or slide-on model.

In addition, we also offer snap in and slide-on versions of the spring end high output fluorescent light socket. Similar to the stationary end options, these provide a double contact, recessed design.

Each of the products we offer in high output fluorescent fixtures is provided in cartons – they include the piece count beneath the description. Regardless of whether your company needs to order a large number or multiple sockets and fixtures consisting of high output and standard versions, we have you covered.

High Output Fluorescent Socket Supplies

At HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc., we are your premier source for fluorescent light bulb sockets and holders. We offer quick deliveries with short turnaround times for our fluorescent light bulb holders and replacement parts, as well as our LED lighting options. You can depend on us for all of your fluorescent high output socket solutions.

For more information about your options, or to discuss your project requirements with a knowledgeable customer representative from our team, call us today at 215.379.2750 or send us a message through our contact form.

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