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Fluorescent Light Socket Types and More – Quality Options Available

If you are looking for quality fluorescent sockets and lamp socket replacement parts for any type of project, look no further than our selection at HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc. we offer an extensive line of LED lighting components and parts to help our customers fulfill all of their LED lighting and socket needs from a single supplier. We provide an extensive range of fluorescent light socket types for numerous applications.

We are a premier provider in the industry, serving customers since 1949, and providing common as well as rarer types of fluorescent light socket models and options. We can help you with all of your retrofit lighting project requirements.

Extensive Inventory of Light Sockets

With extensive expertise in a vast inventory, you can depend on our knowledge, resources, and experience to help you achieve your fluorescent lighting goals.

Our inventory consists of an extensive range of parts for a variety of fluorescent light sockets, convenience sockets, and fluorescent light holders.

The products we offer include slimline sockets, high output sockets, starter base combination, lamp holders, miniature bi-pin lamp holders, starter base, turret lamp holders, shunted sockets, we also provide T12, T8, and T5 sockets.

Many individuals utilize the primary medium bi-pin socket which is applied to everything from T8 to T12 lamps. These applications would include what you would see for overhead office lighting. Sometimes the sockets become old and brittle to the point of breaking over time. When this occurs, it is a good idea to change out the sockets. A single pin socket is another in the various fluorescent light socket types available which is used in particular types of lamps, some of which come in eight-foot lengths.

We Have Your High Quality Fluorescent Light Sockets

When it comes to all of your fluorescent socket and light bulb holder requirements, we have you covered at HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc. You can depend on us as your primary source for all the fluorescent light socket types you need for your applications. As well, we provide fast shipping with short turnaround times on our fluorescent light bondholders, replacement parts, and other LED lighting options.

Contact us today for the fluorescent light sockets you need.

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