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Fluorescent Clip-In Light Socket Options for Your Applications

At HH Fluorescent & LED Products, we provide services for companies and individuals across an extensive array of industries. You can find our lighting products accessories and applications in the products of vending machine companies, electrical contractors, homeowners, and original equipment manufacturers. The clip-in light socket is one such product offered for fluorescent lighting applications.

Clip-In Sockets

We offer a wide array of bi-ax fluorescent light clips to accommodate your specific fluorescent light report needs. With more than six decades of experience, we are your premier manufacturer and source of fluorescent light parts made from high-grade materials. This includes our fluorescent light clip-in sockets, with options available for various types of twin tube lights, wall thicknesses, and light sizes.

Regardless of whether you need fluorescent light clips for a G23 CFL or 2G11 PL-L bulb, we have the products you need from our bi-ax clips selection. The various fluorescent light fixture clips are dependable, robust, and can function with a long service life. It is our commitment, as the only independently owned lamp holder manufacturer remaining in the U.S. to offer you the best products possible, including light clip-in light socket products.

Professional Assistance

If you are searching for high quality clip-in light sockets, bi-ax fluorescent light fixture clips, or clip on light bulb holders, we offer an extensive selection. Our professional team at HH Fluorescent & LED products can help you find the exact clip-in socket products you need for your application.

Our Experience

Family owned and operated, we base our operations out of Montgomery County, PA and consistently provide the fluorescent lighting industry with high quality and reliable lighting accessories. We understand what it takes to provide superb customer service on a consistent basis.

Whether you are in the market for bi-ax clip-in light socket products, or other lighting products we offer at HH Fluorescent & LED Products, our selection is extensive.

Contact us today for the fluorescent clip in sockets clips you need.

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