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Shunted Sockets and Non-Shunted Sockets for Residential and Commercial Applications

When it comes to furnishing your various fluorescent light fixtures, safety, and the reliability of your fixtures are of the utmost importance. The majority of fixtures utilize either shunted or non-shunted sockets. At H.H Florescent Parts, Inc., we provide an extensive selection of fluorescent lamps, including shunted sockets that can be applied to various commercial, residential, industrial projects for enhanced energy efficiency and a safe and well-lit environment.

Shunted Sockets

A shunted socket contains contacts that provided direct connection at the socket enabling power to transfer from one contact to another. The shunt may be invisible on the fixture itself as it is positioned internal to the socket.

In order to determine the type of socket makes up your current fluorescent fixture, a voltage meter must be utilized for a continuity reading. A two-socket fixture with a voltage meter and positive continuity reading indicate the flow of power between the contacts and the presence of a shunted socket.

As a premier manufacturer of fluorescent light holders, we offer an array of shunted sockets to meet your needs, including Miniature Bi-Pins, Medium Bi-Pins, T-12 Sockets, T-8 Sockets, and T-5 Sockets. In addition, we also offer medium bi-pins, medium bi-pin snap-in, straight insertion, butt-on, and tall rotary lock medium sockets.

The Use of Non-Shunted Sockets

Any retrofit within LED lighting requires the use of a non-shunted socket to make sure the LED retrofit works correctly. The sockets are non-shunted if the fixture does not have a continuity reading across the contacts. The use of non-shunted sockets enables LED tubes to operate correctly and avoid the problem of a dead short that can blacken the socket and inflict damage on the tube. in

Lamp Holders

the use of a proper lamp holder is necessary in various applications for efficient and safe operation. At H.H. Florescent Parts, Inc., we offer a range of lamp holders for both shunted and non-shunted sockets. Our selection includes medium and miniature bi-pin lamp holders, turret lamp holders, and shunted lamp holders to meet the requirements of your application.

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