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What is a Circline Socket?

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There’s a chance that you wouldn’t know a circline fluorescent lamp unless you have uncovered that you own one while trying to replace a ceiling light. These kinds of bulbs are used in flush mount ceiling lights and other types of kitchen or bathroom lighting. However, if you’ve just discovered that you have a circline lamp and need a replacement socket, you’ll need to know more about how it works and where it’s located. Here’s a quick guide on circline sockets, how they work, and how to find them on your lamp.

Circline Lamps & Sockets

Also known as circular CFL bulbs or lamps, circline fluorescent lights can be used in a variety of different types of fixtures. They’re known for being an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent lighting and come in a wide range of color temperatures to light any room. Circline fluorescent bulbs are used in both commercial and residential lighting fixtures and are mainly known for even, consistent, and wide-reaching light.

Depending on the type of brand of light, the circline’s socket is held on the inside of the lamp in the center of the fixture. The circline bulb will have a socket that utilizes leads, or wires, to help secure the electrical current to the lamp. Removal of the faulty socket should be done with the power shut off to prevent injury.

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