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Where You Would Need a Fluorescent Light Starter

fluorescent light starter

When you’re fixing your fluorescent light and find out that it needs a new starter, do you know where to begin when shopping for one? If you’re repairing a fluorescent light for the first time, knowing where the starter goes and what it does can be confusing. Here’s a brief introduction to the fluorescent light starter and how it works with your light.

What is a Fluorescent Light Starter?

Fluorescent lights use argon gas and a minuscule amount of mercury to generate light. Two specific types of fluorescents – pre-heat lights and instant start lights – are units that use starters as a part of emitting their energy. The starter itself is two parts – the base and the bulb. Using the argon gas, the metal base, and heat, the starter is what allows light to enter the fluorescent lamps and illuminate the room. The base and the bulb of the fluorescent starter work together to help pass the electrical current through the fluorescent lamp.

Where is the starter located?

Finding the location of the starter is not difficult, but must be located with caution. The part is located about the fluorescent bulb, which means that before you replace it, you must turn off the light completely. Each lamp does have a separate starter, so if there are dual lamps, it’s important to locate both.

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Choosing the right type of light for your home can be difficult to start because there are many varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors. However if you’re trying to determine if an LED light is right for your home, there are certain factors you need to consider. Here are some tips and advice on how to determine if LED lights are right for you and your home.

You will pay more up front for bulbs – When it comes to the money you’ll save on using LED lights in your home, the cost of bulbs will be pricey. Of course, saving money on them is great at first but you will pay more up front for a bulb than you would a standard light.

They’re measured differently – Standard light bulbs’ energy amount is measured by wattage, while LED bulbs are measured in lumens. Lumens are actually the correct measurement of how much light is being produced by the LED bulb, which is contrary to popular belief of wattage – which is actually the energy amount.

LED bulbs can only be used in certain fixtures – It’s important to recognize that even though LED lights are cooler in temperature as opposed to regular light bulbs, they still will produce heat. Since LED bulbs are more costly up front, do your research before purchasing them on where they will be going and if the bulb is properly ventilated.

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