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Slimline Sockets – What are they used for?

When you’re looking for replacement parts for your fluorescent lighting, it’s important to be aware of what part you need and why. Not only is it important because you don’t want the hassle of getting the wrong socket, but you also need to take into consideration that the wrong part could compromise your safety. When it comes to slimline lamps, the lights work on an instant start ballast so their socket needs to accommodate that. Here’s what a slimline socket looks like and what it’s used for in replacement fluorescent lighting parts.

Slimline Lamps & Sockets

Slimline lamps are regularly only about four to eight feet long in length. They’re recognized by their single-pin socket, and are generally smaller in size compared to larger fluorescent lights. They’re generally used as recessed lighting underneath cabinets, or to light other types of smaller spaces. Additionally, these types of lamps are not as energy efficient as other types of bulbs and can burn out easily due to their instant start ballast.

With this single-pin light, you need a single pin socket as a replacement. Of course, you also need to make sure that when shopping for a slimline socket that you match the type of light shape and wattage with the correct replacement part. This is crucial to keep yourself safe from electrical fire or shock, and is a very important step in finding the right product as a replacement on your light.

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