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Medium vs. Miniature Bi-Pin Sockets

When you’re looking for bi-pin sockets for your fluorescent lights, do you know the difference between medium and miniature bi-pin sockets? Not only is knowing the difference important so your light works properly, but it’s also extremely important to your safety as well. Here’s what the difference between these two sockets is and how they are used in fluorescent lighting.

Medium bi-pin sockets – When you’re wondering what the difference between a medium and a miniature bi-pin socket is, it doesn’t just involve the size of the part itself. The actual socket is what helps to generate the correct amount of electricity to the light. If the bi-pin is too small or large for the light, it could cause a significant electrical problem. Medium bi-pin sockets are generally used in a variety of linear fluorescent bulbs, like the T8 and T10 lights.

Miniature bi-pin sockets – Just like the medium bi-pin sockets, the miniature bi-pin sockets are used in linear fluorescent lighting as well. Not only are they smaller in size, but they’re also used in a smaller type of light too. That doesn’t mean that the wattage on the T5 shape lights is smaller, as they are usually in a 54-watt light and the mediums are used in a 32 or less watt light.

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