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Benefits Provided by LED Light Sockets and Other LED Lighting Products

At H H Fluorescent & LED Products, Inc., among the variety of fluorescent lighting options we provide, we also offer LED light sockets to suit a variety of lighting applications. LED lighting has become a popular option for a wide range of industries including residential, industrial, and commercial customers. This gain in popularity can be attributed to the energy efficiency, vast fixture options, and longer life span, compared to incandescent lighting options.

LED Lighting Offers an Efficient and Energy Saving Light Source

By offering LED sockets for your lighting needs, we can help you overcome compatibility issues that may occur and ensure that you can reap the various benefits of LED lighting. LED lighting has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours with very good color rendering, compared to other lighting options. LED lamps do not produce any heat and also contain no mercury, making them safer for the environment as well as more energy efficient. Sources for LED lighting also out-perform those used for incandescent lighting.

LED lighting can help facilities meet updated building codes, while also being both energy and cost efficient. You can also save even more on energy consumption by dimming LED lights which not only saves energy costs, but also helps to extend the life of the LED lamp and LED light sockets. By being able to control the brightness of LED lighting without taking away from its ability to provide adequate lighting, users are able to customize their environment, making it more user-friendly and comfortable. Studies have suggested that lighting and working productivity go hand in hand.

Products for New Installations and Replacement of Current Lighting

With its gaining popularity, LED lighting is developing new ways to replace your current lighting with a more safe and energy efficient lighting system to not only create a better lit environment, but to also help reduce your budget. There is a vast selection of fixtures, controls, and drivers that can be combined to meet the needs of your specific lighting project or requirements.

LED lighting can replace anything from general, all-purpose lighting, outdoor lighting, as well as office and residential lighting set ups, offering customers a wide range of options for switching to LED lighting or replacing their current lighting with an LED fixture. At H H Fluorescent & LED Products, we can assist you with this transition by offering a range of solutions.

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