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Starter Base – Fluorescent Light Parts

Turn to a company that’s been providing fluorescent light fixture parts since 1950. We specialize in starter bases, which are used to hold the sockets for fluorescent lamps. Many of our customers like the fact that our starter bases have screw terminals instead of wire leads for the connections, and that we include the mounting screws. We have worked with numerous satisfied customers who needed starter holders for their florescent lamp projects.

The right starter base for your fluorescent lights ensures you get the most benefits from your new lights. Our variety of starter bases includes items that feature all of the following advantages:

  • Starting Fast on High or Low Voltage
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Long Lifespan

We suggest that you replace the starter at the same time as the fluorescent tube in order to obtain the maximum tube life. Also, for safety, be sure your power is turned off before you replace the tube and starter. Contact H.H. Fluorescent & LED Products for any of the fluorescent light parts you need. View our well-stocked collection of fluorescent lamp holder items when you visit us at