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Fluorescent Light Sockets


T-8/ T-5 Conversion Lamp Holder Sets New Product Bulletin

T-8 / T-5
Conversion Lampholder Sets

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Quality Fluorescent Parts from the U.S.’s Only Independent Manufacturer

For over 60 years, H. H. Fluorescent Parts, Inc. has supplied customers with superior fluorescent light sockets and lamp holders. Located in Montgomery County, PA, we continue to serve the fluorescent lighting industry with reliable, high quality products. As an independently-owned company, we also know what it takes to deliver excellent customer service.

What We Offer
At H. H. Fluorescent Parts, we make it our mission to manufacture the highest quality fluorescent sockets on the market. We maintain a diverse inventory of lamp holders and wiring devices – guaranteed to exceed your expectations and quality standards. Our products include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement Sockets
  • Convenience Outlets
  • Slim Line Sockets
  • Shunted Sockets
  • Miniature & Medium Bi-Pin Holders
  • High Output Sockets
  • Low Profile Sockets
  • Conversion Fluorescent Lamp Holder Sets

Who Do We Serve?
Each of our products is manufactured with our clients in mind. We serve individuals and companies across a wide range of industries. From electrical contractors, to vending machine companies, to original equipment manufacturers, to homeowners, we routinely meet the needs of a broad customer base. From T-5 sockets, to T-8 sockets, to T-12 sockets – and everything in between – we have the components you need for your latest application.

Our Expertise and Commitment
As a fluorescent light holder manufacturer, our aim isn’t to be the least or most expensive company in our industry. Instead, we focus our attention on supplying top-notch products our customers can rely on for the long-term. We take the time to listen to requests and resolve problems wherever necessary. Whether you’re in the market for a G13 socket, circline socket, or a single-pin lamp holder socket, we’re here to serve your fluorescent lamp holder needs.

Put our industry knowledge and experience to the test! Call us today at (215) 379-2750.

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