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Fluorescent Lamp Parts – Beneficial for Both Home and Commercial Use

At H H Fluorescent & LED Products, Inc. we manufacture fluorescent lamp parts that are used in a variety of application from residential to commercial and industrial that help make operations safer and more energy efficient. We distribute parts to a wider range of customers including OEM’s, vending machine and aquarium companies as well as lighting retrofitters, electrical contractors and homeowners.

Advantages of Using Fluorescent Lamp Parts at Home or Commercially

Fluorescent lamps work off a chemical reaction between mercury and neon gas, unlike incandescent bulbs that work by reacting to heat. Since fluorescent lighting does not give off heat, it is a good fit for use in lighting areas where heat could damage or cause equipment to malfunction or where the heat could potentially bother workers/users. It also can help to reduce the risk of heat causing a fire.

This type of lighting is also roughly 66% cheaper than other lighting options, after the initial cost, and when used can help electrical bill savings add up quickly. Fluorescent lighting is also more reliable and last longer than incandescent lighting with a lifespan that is six times longer than other lighting. This type of lighting can also be turned on and off without the fear of burning the bulb out. Fluorescent lighting is an investment that offers energy efficient, money-saving, and comfortable lighting that can be used to suit your individual needs.

A Wide Range of Parts Available to Suit Your Needs and Applications

In addition to the money and energy saving benefits of using fluorescent lighting as well as the safety benefits, fluorescent lamp parts come in a variety of customizable options that can be suited for commercial, industrial and home use. We carry a wide range of part from a variety fluorescent light holders, fluorescent light sockets, and convenience sockets.

Our products include but are not limited to, high output sockets, slim line sockets and lamp holders, starter base combination, starter base, and miniature bi-pin lamp holders as well as shunted sockets and turret lamp holders. T-5, T-8, and T-12 sockets are also available as well as low profile and high output lamp holders and conversion lamp holder sets.

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